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Kid Giles

I’ve got two children - Kid Giles - you might have heard them on the radio! And so I know first hand how much children enjoy the freedom of being able to run around and explore in a safe and fun environment. What I also like is that they are learning about nature and about farming as they do so.

We’ve always done our best to make sure that there’s something new, and seasonal, for children to experience when they come and see us. Whether it’s spring and we have our new lambs, including some orphan lambs from neighbouring sheep farms which are trained to be bottle fed, and other young animals. Watch this page for any new births or new event.

What's at Farmer Giles Farmstead?

Farmer Giles Farmstead has 38 acres of beautiful countryside in one of the secret valleys off Salisbury Plain. We have huge play areas inside (with bouncy castle, toddlers play area, ride-upon tractors, sand pit and motorised motorbikes) as well as a wonderful adventure playground outside. We also have over 150 animals waiting to meet you including rabbits to cuddle, ponies to ride, orphan lambs (in spring and summer) to bottle feed and many interesting, rare breed sheep and pigs for you to meet.

Have Lunch?

How about lunch in The Old Barn Restaurant where we cook the food freshly as well as serving snacks. It’s a great venue for a party as well.

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Farmer Giles 'Giggles'

Q: What do you get if you cross a cow with a camel?
A: Lumpy milkshakes!

Q: What do you give a pony with a cold?
A: Cough Stirrup!

Q: What is a horse's favourite sport?
A: Stable tennis!