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Farmer Giles Farmstead Home




Farmer Giles will be opening for the summer again soon. We close in winter to allow our animals time for a holiday and for us to upgrade our facilities each year. However, we are already taking bookings for school visits (including Toddler classes) as well as other parties. Our Camping site remains open for intrepid winter visitors as do our luxurious, warm holiday lodges. For information or to book please either email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us on 01722 716981. See you soon!

We pride ourselves on being a Good Value Family Day Out whatever the weather.  

Have Fun and Learn: Farmer Giles Farmstead is designed to delight children from 18 months to 9 or 10 years old. I love to see children feeding or cuddling the animals. They learn so much from “doing” rather than just “watching” and I have plenty of hand washing facilities with anti bacterial soap. I also have plenty of Yesterday’s Farming implements and dairy to keep older groups happy as well! 

All Weather Fun: With our huge indoor play areas as well as all the fun of the farm outside, there's lots to do and see for the whole family no matter what the weather does. 

Safe and Clean: Farmer Giles has been open for over twenty years and in that time I’ve made sure that everything is as safe as possible, and with anti-bacterial soap readily available, and a 5 star kitchen hygiene rating you can be sure that we are clean!

Meet the  Farmer Giles Animals: I’ve got lots of animals for you to meet: old friends like Socks the pony right down to newcomers such as the little lambs and baby donkey. Keep a look out for new animals and you could even sponsor one. Three LLAMAs have arrived to entertain you!

So come and treat your family to a good value fun day out at Farmer Giles Farmstead! Even better why not book a stay in one of our wooden cabin chalets - more details at Farmer Giles Magna Chalets 

Dogs and ponies are welcome and we have facilities to accomodate them.

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Mrs Giles' News

New Piglets born!

Mathilda, farmergiles's resident "Miss Piggy", has recently had 10 new children, finding 10 new names is proving to be more of a chalenge than first anticipated, send any sudjestions to along with your address, and we will send you a free family ticket to our farm, if the name you sent was chosen.